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Parent Testimonials

Camper Testimonials

Parent Testimonials

“This summer, camp was great!  The lunches were exciting for the children.  It included foods they really liked.  The staff was helpful, friendly & caring.  I am pleased with your whole camp program.  The kids really had a fun time.  My daughter came home singing a lot!  It’s great that you have swimming lessons twice a week, along with other varied activities.”

Hauppauge, NY

“My daughter had a great summer at Gan Israel.  I feel great about sending her to a camp that I feel comfortable and safe with.  Next year she is looking forward to going again.  She loved the counselors, kids and activities.  She has grown from experiencing a wonderful summer.”

Commack, NY

“We are VERY happy with the camp.  I feel great that there was no judgement on how observant we are.  Our daughter is so happy, wants to be a counselor when she’s old enough.  She loves it & can’t wait until next summer!”

Holbrook, NY

“The camp was wonderful.  Everything was fun!  It was so nice to see a smile from ear to ear on my son’s face every day at pick-up time.  You guys were great.  Keep up the good work.”

Huntington Station, NY

“My children both had a great summer.  They both learned a lot about their religion, about  Shabbat...  We are just thrilled with all the activities and trips.  Thank  you!”

Smithtown, NY

“I would be missing so much without Camp GI.  Rachel is just so happy when she’s spent the day at camp.  I feel so comfortable and trusting of the staff.  They are truly like big sisters to Rachel.  They are great role models.  I hope she grows up to be just like her counselors.”

St. James, NY

“The camp was just what we wanted!  I feel great about the fun themes, activities, counselors and kids.”

Plainview, NY

This summer, camp was... 
“A wonderful fun experience for our daughter.”
“Fun – she loved the tumble bus!”
“Too short!  She was only there for 3 weeks – I wish it could go until September”

The staff was...
“Helpful, friendly & caring.”
“Very nice, helpful.  They taught me how to swim.”

Camper Testimonials:

Smiles cost nothing
Smiles are free
But where to find the happiest grins
Are at Camp Gan Izzy!

The counselors are amazing
The activities are cool
So are the field trips
And I really like the pool!

So what I'm trying to say
Is that I love CGI
And that Gan Israel is the best
And I'll never say good-bye!

R.S., Age 10

 “I love CGI!  I feel great about what I accomplished this year.  In all, this camp is the best camp in the world!  I can’t even say how  much fun I had!”

Age 8 ½

“I had a great summer.  See you next year.”

Age 7 ½

G  is for giggling and laughing which we always do
A  is for always doing fun activities
is for never wanting to leave
I   is for ice pops that we eat every afternoon.
S  is for singing and cheering that you can hear down the halls
R  is for reading the different fact for the Tzivot Hashem books
A  is for all the fun trips we take
E  is for everyone having a blast at Gan Izzy
 is for learning more ways to do  more mitzvot (good deeds).

R.A., Age 10

I had a great time!”

Age 7 ½

A world without Gan Israel is like a world without toys,
If you go to Gan Isreal you'll hear singing and noise.
Here we learn to be a Jew,
So why don't you join us too?
We go to the pool, and on fun field trips,
If you'll come to Gan Israel, I'm sure you'll love it.
So, if you're looking for excitement, if you're looking for fun,
Come to Gan Izzy and we'll show you how it's done!

S.H., Age 10 1/2

Bunk Bet’s favorite things this summer (Age 3 ½-4):
E.S. -  “The waterslide & swimming pool.”
J.R. – “The sprinklers.”
I.S. – “Playing with toy trucks.”
J.A. – “The puppet show.”
S.S. – “Going swimming.”
M.K. – “The fish hatchery and the climbing toy in our playground.”
M.W. – “Playing with blocks & play dough.”
A.H. -  “Swimming & playing with toys.”
M.W. – “Butterfly park.”
S.M. – “When my mom came with us to the fish hatchery.”
G.F. – “Seeing the ducks & owls at the nature park.”

Bunk Gimmel’s favorite things this summer (Age 4 ½-5):
A.L. – “Going by the back door to the slide.”
L.K. – “The water slide, karate.”
L.L. – “Arts n crafts.”
M.S. -  “Going on the bus.”
M.B. – “Waterslide.”
S.M. – “Karate, sports with Melissa, arts with Miriam.”
A.D. – “Sprinklers.”
M.N. – “Waterslide.”
D.S. – “Waterslide.”
Z.C. – “Waterslide.”
K.P. – “Snack time.”
O.E. – “Watching the movie.”

Bunk Vav’s favorite things this summer (Age 7 ½-8):
E.H. – “My counselors.”
S.D. – “The pool.”
C.H. – “Everything! Specifically workshops.”
D.S. – “Bunkmates.”
J.S. – “Indoor playground.”
Z.R. – “Everything.”
I.G. – “Pool.”
J.S. – “Trips.”
B.Z. – “Pool & Ice Cream.”
D.L. – “Sports Plus.”
M.W. – “Art.”
Y.L. – “Swimming.”
M.K. – “Trips & Baking.”

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